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Guardian Angels in the Soil

This has been a challenging summer. 21 days and counting with temps in the 90s and only 3.5 inches of rain total. Being off the grid is no longer such a charming idea, so plans are underway to add electricity and water. This hot, dry weather has also brought lots of pests. Cucumber beetles, cabbage moths, and squash bugs took over the garden and ate our young plants. We started to feel that each re-planting was just another course for the bugs. ”You seemed to enjoy your appetizer, now here’s the salad course.” Following organic practices, we battled against the bugs. Using companion planting, adding straw mulch to attract predator insects, and speaking to other organic farmers to learn about organically approved sprays. Our water cart has been very helpful, but our real saving grace is the soil. We learned that every inch of good soil is worth 2 weeks without rain. After generations of Kirchenwitz farmers caring for the land, months of insurance has been built up. It’s like having guardian angels helping us out every day. Even though grandpa and great grandpa are gone, their hard work and love of the land is still there.

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