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What is Kirchenwitz Farms?

Kirchenwitz Farms is the family farm of Primrose owner, teacher, and fourth generation farmer - Lisa Adams.  Lisa Adams wanted to bring Minnesota’s first Farm to Table preschool program to the southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis through the Primrose Schools of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen. Primrose has a Mud Pies gardening curriculum, school garden called the Primrose Patch, and a menu to promote Healthy Habits for young children. Kirchenwitz Farms puts all of these values into action.

Do you have children’s programs at the farm?

All farming, gardening, and nutrition programs are held at The Primrose Schools of Eden Prairie and Chanhassen. Children have to be enrolled students in order to participate in these programs. 

What products are grown at Kirchenwitz Farms?

There are a variety of seasonal products grown at the farm from lettuce and cabbage to tomatoes and sweet corn. Our chefs and farmers work collaboratively each year to decide on what and how much to grow. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the seasonal produce served at the school.

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