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Cucumbers for Lunch

Preschoolers were out in the Primrose Patch harvesting cucumbers for our Primrose chefs. We learned that cucumbers from the garden are...

Learning in the Garden

Preschoolers helped harvest tomatoes from our Primrose Patch. We learned about the different parts of a plant and how the plant tells us...

Guardian Angels in the Soil

This has been a challenging summer. 21 days and counting with temps in the 90s and only 3.5 inches of rain total. Being off the grid is...


It was a magical day of discovery for our Preschool Pathways students in the Primrose Patch! We discovered caterpillars while we were...

Sensory Table

Will a child notice the difference with fresh fruits and vegetables? You bet! We all know it tastes better, but our teachers observe the...

Working Up the Land

Last fall, all of the leftover organic matter which consisted of rotting produce and wilting plants, got worked back into the earth to...

Spring Carrots!

It’s spring and we can’t wait to get our hands on some veggies. But there’s nothing to harvest yet, right? Surprise! There actually is!...

Old Farmer Wisdom

Rusty, dusty and a little bit crusty. Maybe so, but this John Deere 999 two-row planter is also an important piece of agricultural and...

We’re Back!

One year ago, our world was thrown into a pandemic which changed the way we all lived, so Ben and I dove right into farming. Not just for...

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Ben harvesting summer squash


Allen with his pepper harvest


Farmer Kirchenwitz and Allen at the neighborhood farm stand


Lisa in the green bean patch


Farmer Kirchenwitz harvesting apples

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